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Anthony S. , who blogs about his travels at Overland Nomads, shared his posts about a three-day Mojave Road adventure in May. He and his friends were even fortunate enough to meet Dennis Casebier while he was out on a trip monitoring conditions. Photo courtesy of John Slagboom. It truly was a religious experience. That's why the CEO of S&S Cycle was happy Monday to host Gov. Walker signed two bills that streamline qualifications for business loans through the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. The plain utilitarian aspect is partly driven by cost considerations and manufacturing optimization practices.

Why do we fall in love with old machinery and equipment? Many old machines are visually pleasing as if the designers really cared that the visual impact of the machine was an attribute worth investing in.

Sadly most of the demise of art in machinery is cost and profit driven. We can all appreciate nice looking machines but are voting is generally dictated by our checkbooks. I was talking to an engineer friend of mine on this very subject and he had a pretty good line of reasoning worth sharing.

Before the invention of automatic machine tools many machine parts were cast in steel or iron.

“No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the Kingdom of God. The Law has not been abolished, but rather man is invited to rediscover it in the person of his Master who is its perfect fulfillment.

To enter into the house of God, we must cross a threshold, which symbolizes passing from the world wounded by sin to the world of the new Life to which all men are called.

The visible church is a symbol of the Father's house toward which the People of God is journeying and where the Father "will wipe every tear from their eyes. " Only Jesus could cross that threshold of the divine holiness, for "when he had made purification for sins," he brought us into the Father's presence: "Here am I, and the children God has given me. "Our awareness of our status as slaves would make us sink into the ground and our earthly condition would dissolve into dust, if the authority of our Father himself and the Spirit of his Son had not impelled us to this cry. "The word 'Decalogue' means literally 'ten words. The love of the One God is recalled in the first of the 'ten words. He is currently divorced from his second wife, who is still alive, and married to his third.

He also a Catholic convert.

The Catholic church, as I understand its doctrine, does not accept divorce.

The story is largely based on an interview with his second wife, who sounds like an interesting lady. Judith Harris, in her very interesting The Nurture Assumption, argues that children's personalities are formed primarily by their peer group, not their parents, hence that parental child rearing has a surprisingly small effect on how the children turn out. She mentions, however, an interesting special case—where the family is the peer group. " I was struck by the number of people who seem to take for granted serious conflict between parents and children, both in their own background and in their concerns with what might happen if they had children. That doesn't fit my experience. In a recent post, I discussed my attempts to select among subnotebook models. It occurs to me that my problems could be someone else's profit. It looks, from poking around the web, as though someone familiar with Linux could,with a little effort, convert the XP versions to either Linux or dual boot. Once the initial work of figuring out how to do it and preparing a suitable CD or flash disk had been done, doing it again should be very little work. If I'm right, it's a business opportunity. "By "demographic," I mean the Muslim world's high birth rate, which by mid-century will give tiny Yemen a higher population than vast empty Russia. For all I know many of his claims about the implications of high birth rates in the Muslim world and low birth rates in Europe may be true. But his claim about Yemen and Russia struck me as sufficiently surprising to be worth checking. A few minutes of googling got me to a page of summary demographic data from the U. S. Census Bureau. Googling some more, this time on references to Steyn's book, I have not yet found anyone else who bothered to check his numbers. Reviewers and bloggers, at least the ones I found, simply took them at face value. Now it is next to a Erisan LED projector. These projectors are sold under a number of different names and you have to go by the picture not by the "brand" name. This is the back view of the projectors. This is the front view. This is what it looks like on a white wall. The Crenova is on the left. Here is the video of those two projectors. This is the new location of my blog. I've been keeping the one on Myspace going for about two years now, but for various reasons I've moved to these pages instead. Take a look around. much nicer, don't you think? More roomy, a pleasing layout, nicer people. Now the course has finished, and until I find a "proper job", I ought to have more time to post on here. What's impressive is how well everyone else did to pitch in and save his passengers, crew, and Sullenberger himself. Coast Guard vessels were there, lickety split. FDNY, the traditional heroes of New York, were on scene. Almost like they had been training to do that all along. Wait. They do train to do that. NYPD also showed up on scene, and rescued more than one person with their divers. Did you say "Thank you" to a veteran today?There's still time.

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There is quit a story that goes with Bill's Sears Cruiser restoration but for now I am going to eave it until later. We are just in the middle of the story and I don't want to ruin some of it going forward. For now I will say the Sears Cruiser will receive a total restoration with new paint, new tires, new handlebars, new grips, new seat and all new bearings. The Sears Cruiser is rough, it has been outside for a time but I think it will turn out very nice. Below in the photos it after paint stripping and before media blasting. The rust was pretty bad but it is not structurally bad. Designed by sculptor Michael Gentilucci, each is handcrafted in America of solid cast-stone. Durable for long lasting outdoor use. "I am honored to have the opportunity to lead one of Wall Street's great franchises," said Alan D. "Bear Stearns has a bright future. "You read the paper, watch the newsand you think you're well informedWell I got some news for you my friendThis afternoon, J. P. Well surprise surprise. Do you suppose this will make Lansley think again, about making the same mistake, again, by letting the private sector in, not just to cream off the top, but to take the whole fucking bottle. I wouldn't count on it. This may seem a little selfish but it was a nice feeling that we would be pure spectators with no involvement and no responsibility. No blame could fall upon us, all we had to do was carry on doing our normal work under whatever system came our way. But that bugger Cameron has seen through that, and has now said that he wants us involved as well. I bet he does. The more of us he gets involved the more he can duck the blame in the event of failure. It will be all our fault. Getting involved with these reforms is going to be like playing pass the parcel with a bomb. I for one don't fancy having the thing go off in my face. I hate unanswered prayer. This is not just because I want what I pray for—although that would be nice!—but because my unbelieving heart takes unanswered prayer as an opportunity to doubt God. Here are some examples:I pray for my son's only close friend, whom we've lost contact with, to call. He doesn't. I pray that I'll be able to find my car keys so I can get the kids to school on time. They're late. "Why do you keep going on and on about joy?", I hear you ask. "Just how important are feelings anyway?"Faith isn't a feeling. When I fly in an aeroplane, I'm putting my faith in the pilot, but I don't feel anything about him one way or the other. Do I?Obedience isn't a feeling. The whole point of obedience is that I obey God however I feel. Don't I?Well, yes and no. no, can't say that. One person, among all of those untold thousands or even millions, found grace, favor, in the eyes of the God. That was Noah. He would believe and he would obey so God chose him for the task at hand.

Roberto Rossellini is the director.

It's a beautiful story, filled with joy and peace as suits St. Francis' life. PBS has a dedicated page on Monk. NPR has a profile and an audio program. All About Jazz has a biography and links. There's a biography at the official web site. It has an official website. Because we are always CLOSED on Sundays. Not called "Back Street" for nothing!!. I spent many a fond hour with this book. The book is available online, including here, here, here, here and here. I used to have a copy of this book, but at some point it wondered off. The lift rod used for the mower deck is too short and will not work properly for the snow blade. Conversely, the dozer lift rod dimensions are not correct for proper use on the mower deck. Father Fryar, FSSP will be celebrating the following: The Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mass, also known as Candlemas. Before Mass, there will also be a Blessing of Throats. Sorry for more music, but it is my mood at the moment.

Hope you enjoy this.

Notice the future tense: will not be condemned.

Notice the past tense: he has crossed over from death to life. Either way, I'm pretty happy. Really not too much to write about such a short day. Drove out there, jogged a warm-up, did some drills, and then lined up, seeding myself in the third row back. Or am I showing my age. But, why am I prattling on about these engines? I recently received an email from a Model Rail reader asking about a detailing project I undertook a few years back, using the rather basic Hornby model as a basis. Parts from Shawplan, Hurst Models and PH Designs - plus a few scratchbuilt bits 'n' bobs, have transformed the loco into something more realistic. We wondered at first whatever the helicopter was doing. As it came low overhead it threw up fifty times as much grass cuttings as a CRT strimmer, and blew a fender off Erin Mae's roof. It was as it landed in the field opposite that we realised it was an air ambulance, and that there had been an accident on the road bridge just back from where we had moored at Wightwick. We heard later that, sadly, there had been a fatality. As red as the ambulance, though of a slightly different shade, was a field of poppies. She was quite right! On to the Bratch – this extraordinary feat of water engineering that has three locks very close together, with the pounds between only a few yards long, but leading off to hidden ponds where the water is stored as you move up or down. It's a most attractive and well-kept site, and a favourite place for students of industrial architecture to visit. .