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This is just a cc dump of some clothing and accessories for children I have been working on. I'm uploading these because I probably wont be uploading for a bit. They're not all perfect, but they work and serve their purpose. Recolor all you want, but please do not upload my meshes to another website and or put my meshes behind an adfly link. Thank you. Various.

Suppose Trump arrives at the convention with fewer than half the delegates and so doesn't win on the first ballot.

Many delegates, including many of his, will be free to vote for someone else on the second ballot, and almost all will be free on the third ballot. But my guess is that if the Republican leadership wants to deny Trump the nomination at that point, they can do so. The link is from talkingpointsmemo. No, it could not. “What did you think of your dinner?” I asked a small group of children the other day, as part of an effort to hear their views at Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children’s Centre. There wasn’t much response: one of the children said something like “umm” and some others started looking for things they would rather be doing: anything other than talking to me. I was not doing very well, but I remembered this episode whilst I was reading some old, but still telling, research about children and adults talking in the nursery. On other occasions, adults set up groups and other situations to focus conversation on something, and it almost always falls absolutely flat, producing uninterested and passive children – just like the four-year-old who showed no enthusiasm for talking with me about their dinners. This is the only explanation I can offer for Ofsted's decision to write letters to three and four-year-old children about the inspections of their nursery schools. This recently resulted in the children being given the following suggestion: "encourage your parents to help even more by developing your speaking skills and understanding of words through movement activities and play at home. I've gotten asked this quite a bit the last few shifts by my citizens. And I feel kind of ambivalent about that. See, if I'm not busy with calls for service, then apparently, people aren't perceiving crimes to call in. When I don't have calls for service, I drive around looking for crime. And frankly, I've not been seeing much in my nice little town, the past couple of weeks.

Because being bored means that everything's all right.

My last audiobook just ended, and night time radio sucks rocks right off the ground. I feel kind of like a goalie on a really good team, who feels kind of bad about wishing that the other team could take a shot on his goal once in awhile. I'm never moving to the coast. It's a nice enough place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Labels: problems, speaking of the weather. Well, my finals are over, and I turned in my last late paper, and I'm about to try to sleep a wink or two before I go see Bill get a hoodie, courtesy of the accounting department of a major university. We lived in a tired old shack of a house on the edge of campus, and did not prosper, financially or even academically, to tell the truth. We both dropped out of our studies for a while. Bill from BioChem, me from. whatever the hell I was studying. But we both found wives, bought houses, had kids or dogs or both, and caught a clue, and went back to school. If potential GDP is what the CBO says it is, then the U. S. economy seems to be stuck in a rut. Proponents of NGDP targeting generally believe this to be the case. I wish I could believe this too. It's a nice and easy read. He seems to identify "speculators" as relatively risk-tolerant agents. These type of agents provide a social good by their willingness to absorb risk, giving the rest of peace of mind. Of course, their willingness to absorb risk is not necessarily the same thing as their ability to absorb risk. If things turn out very poorly, the rest of us will be asked to absorb the risk. Hmmm. We've been moving forward toward our donor egg cycle at what feels like a snail's pace. We found a donor we really liked, and who looks a lot like me at one of the frozen egg banks. Everything seemed to be a go. I started to get excited. We were looking at cycling next month in April. The Royal College of Surgeons has been tuning in to it’s crystal ball again, or perhaps they are using astrology. They, and other colleges are making dire predictions about reductions in patient care if the NHS changes go ahead. But if you look at the article reporting this, it is plain that the colleges are talking out of their arses. Not a single hard fact or reasoned logical argument is put forward, just unsupported opinions of a totally speculative nature. I see yet another hospital, Airedale, has been found to have had serious failings as a result of managerial obsession with acquiring Foundation status. A report has stated that the managers lived “In a parallel universe” and that the goal of Foundation status “became an end unto itself” It also accused management of “losing sight of their overriding goal of serving patients in the best way possible. " If you look at Airedale hospitals website it introduces itself thus. “Airedale NHS Trust is an award winning NHS hospital trust. ” Parallel universe indeed! The newspaper article refers to “management” in bland anonymous terms. But they are not anonymous. They are individuals with names and we should know who they are. The chief executive until just a few weeks ago was Adam Cairns. Running The Bay? Let FatBirds Show You The Way! REGISTER FOR TRAINING HERE!. It's freezing cold all over England. I'm sure you've seen the pics. It's the ice age in my garage - not the best of times to get the alternator out for it's rebuild. To make matters worse I think I may have just botched this whole rebuild idea by breaking the pivot bolt. Thankfully there was a bracket to remove or it would be game over. They bring out the worst in me. It's really, really simple:Choose your goals. Pick three things you'd like to be doing more regularly.

Later, you can add a fourth.

Set daily minimums for each goal. Tim Chester once received a brochure in a Christian magazine. The answer to busyness? An expensive Christian holiday in France! As Chester says, "This was clearly only an answer for wealthy people. "Like my friend Gordo, Chester's not keen on the idea of holidays. He says we've replaced God's pattern of weekly rest with an unhealthy pattern of "binge resting" and retirement. What do you think? Are holidays Christian?Holidays are a recent thing. Solomon has already pointed out that to every even there is a time. Now, he points out that to every intent of man there is a time and a judgment. Mankind’s end will be a fearful thing. Street Without Joy, The Bloody Road to Dien Bien Phu by Bernard B. This is THE definitive work on the First Indochina War known as the French-Indochina War. If anyone is interested in this history, they must read Fall's works. This is classic. Making My Bones aka, Making Bones sitting in the showroom, clean, charged up, fueled up and ready to enjoy! . Gangster Chopper's style Holiday Spirit around the shop!!. We had never seen this, and The Younger Son gave it to The Husband for Father's Day. It was a funny movie with a happy ending, which is The Husband's favorite kind of movie. It won some awards. I picked up a couple from this series when I came across them in the used book section of my local book store. I enjoyed this one and will buy more as I find them. Then he receives a telephone call from a contact who promises some tantalizing information. Something Passed By is a short story by Robert R.


It can be read online. The first sentence: Johnny James was sitting on the front porch, sipping from a glass of gasoline in the December heat, when the doomscreamer came. MacArthur Park may be the most dreadful song ever sung. I can't listen to it without singing along in major dramatic style. The Kids roll their eyes on those rare occasions when we hear it on the radio. W.

Griffith and starring Lilian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Creighton Hale and Emily Fitzroy.

I can't imagine why I can't find this in one piece somewhere. It must be in the public domain. I've never read a Clive Barker novel before, horror just really not being my thing, but this appealed to me in the used book store. It turns out not to be horror at all. Weaveworld is dark fantasy, which I do tend to like, though I know the line between that and horror is a fine one. I enjoyed this. I want to copy just a couple of quotes from the book:"It's about being borm, and being afraid of dying, and how love saves us. "It was good to look up during the day and know that the stars were still above his head, even though he couldn't see them.


Ironically, it begins with the end. It is all to tell us that our Lord is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. At every traditional Mass, we proclaim the last Gospel, the Prologue of John. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

” He is the beginning, the creator, the source of all.

He has entered into human history and given all creation a new meaning, purpose, and finality. Many misconceptions and scandals still attach themselves to the French queen's name, most famously the nonsensical rumour that she coldly claimed in regards to starving peasants: "Let them eat cake". It is perhaps more worthwhile to consider the facts of her life rather than the sensational dramas. Shane Saunders vs. Cameron Murphy: LRW Wrestling Preview from LRW Wrestling on Vimeo. This video taught me that refereeing was a tougher job than I imagined. After reviewing this match, it became obvious to me that I should have done certain things differently. Specifically, I made three major mistakes. "some person called Fergie is supporting. You don't think it's the same Fergie who married Prince Andrew, do you?.

Nicole Kidman, her husband and Hugh Jackman were sitting down in the stalls and, one can cheekily think, queueing up to buy their sausage rolls!"There I was at work last week contemplating life, the universe and everything when the phone rang.

It was the wife. "Hi" she said in an excited tone. I responded "Police? why what has happened? has there been an accident, or a robbery? are the girls okay?"My wife then started laughing. "Nooo, silly" it's the rock group that I am on about". Our three week trip to Kinver and back has provided the first test in the wild of the changes we've made to Erin Mae's electrics. m. to charge them.

Our river mooring last night was peaceful and safe in every way.

The river flowed gently past, but we hardly noticed the movement.

A big event was on the horizon, of course. I wouldn't want to buck the trend. m. , and woke to find the river was swathed in mist again, but the moon was visible through it. Lovely sunny evening – we moored up short of Brewood. Opposite us a tractor came down the field, hedging. That is to say, it had a huge flat blade it ran vertically along the hedge, cutting off all the bits that stuck out. He likened it to two types of theology. If something in life doesn't fit your system, you can cut it off, ignore it. Or you can take it, think it through, incorporate it, work out how it fits into the whole. That they survived was because they had a faith that could incorporate severe suffering without creating an untenable dichotomy. They wove their experience into their belief system, in a way that was beautiful and strong. Hedging is a dying art. On Friday we had our first night on board Erin Mae. Temperatures were around freezing outside, so we kept the heating on low, just in case. I said sorry for the time it was taking as I made sure I was doing things in the right order, and they came over to help and to offer advice. Thanks guys! Later on, as we were hurrying back because of the hour, we were passing a moored boat we thought had no-one on board – until the owner came out and asked if I wasn't going a bit fast. It was a gentle reminder, and I duly apologised. Last weekend I said we wouldn't be proper boaters until we'd had our first night on board.

Actually, as we made our way back to the marina, it felt that we wouldn't really be proper boaters until we were on a journey, not just a day trip.