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So I left them in his hands without worrying.

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This was my last week of ramping back up from the marathon before jumping into workouts. At the same time, there's really no need to go much higher. I'm not training for a marathon, and I've certainly got a strong base from the last marathon training cycle that should persist for some time. This was my first full marathon recovery week. It looks like a lot, but it was really more about socializing than fitness.

I like doing yoga and pool-running the first few days after a marathon.

As for the yoga, I start off doing a very gentle version of the class - holding childs pose for anything that seems too strenuous. As days go by and I recover, I'm able to do more and more of the class. We all have our neuroses. I added in drills and strides after my easy runs during the middle of the week. After two pretty hard weeks in a row, it was about time for some recovery. I felt sluggish on Wednesday as well, but was surprised by the distance and pace. The runs were faster and further than I had planned - the hazards of running without looking at your watch until after the run. For both of these runs, the sluggish feeling didn’t appear to be affecting my paces, but I’d rather pull back from the brink of overreaching BEFORE it starts to slow me. It paid off, as by the weekend I was feeling refreshed, and closed out the weekend with a race that I was pretty happy with - it indicated that I’ve made progress in my efforts to run relaxed in a race situation. "I broke out into a cold sweat, my mouth became dry. After exchanging pleasantries, my wife informed me that “we are going to Beaumont Hills tonight to visit Dad’s friend.

Can you catch public transport and we will meet you there” Just to backtrack slightly, my father-in-law was staying with us for a few days having flown from BrisVegas to pay us a visit.

Anyway, a quick search revealed that it was close to Kellyville. Mike Davies Bearings has been a Master Distributor for Nachi for the. mikedaviesbearings. The river eventually departs to the right via a weir, and the canal continues on a narrow, shallow and bendy section.

The last lock in the run to Froghall has a plastic curtain in the exit, so you can judge whether your boat will make it through Froghall tunnel.

If the plastic catches, don’t even think about it! This was actually taken on the way back, after we had winded and stopped at Froghall for lunch. Today was made all the sweeter by the sequel to yesterday’s saga of the shower pump. .