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Although many of my posts consist mainly of recipes, I really do love sharing personal stories with you as I have the most random and awkward things that happen to me.

Today, I will share one of these recent experiences with you.

Background: Have you ever shopped at Etsy? If not, check out. It is a site that consist of online shops. This place is wonderful for personalized gifts as everything is usually homemade. For the past few years I have used this site for birthday gifts, baby gifts, Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, etc. All you need is patience to browse through everything. 's estate. "This motorcycle predates the Harley - the bike most Americans associate with homegrown motorcycles," explained Steve Rinker, who runs Buck's Indian, an Indian motorcycle restoration firm in Romney, WV. Any day that mechanic Earl Smith shows up for work is a surprise. But at Super Cycle, a legendary motorcycle shop on South Bellevue that specializes in custom and antique bikes, old age is hardly a bar to employment. Jesus Christ is the true Manna, for he is from heaven and the One who says "The Bread that I shall give is My Flesh, for the life of the world. " He gives Himself, the Bread of Life, so that we shall never be abandoned in our hunger alone before the power of Satan. The Father answers our prayer for "daily bread" in the gift of the Son. Jesus Christ is the Water from the rock. Lord, give us this bread to eat always. Be for us the Living Water that promises to satisfy our thirst for God. Meeting Christ in the Liturgy offers a reflection for The First Sunday of Lent. I hope your Saturday is starting off well. The lists on both sides are long, so I will try to balance them, somehow. I wish you all well, and a wonderful weekend ahead!. Finding that an inadequate explanation for the passions on both sides, I put the question to a gay colleague. As long as people like him were not permitted to call their unions marriage, the government was implicitly condemning their relationships as at least inferior, arguably wicked. I put the same question to an intelligent, educated elderly man of my acquaintance, married fifty years and proud of it. He agreed that the essential question was symbolic. He thought it was clear that gay couples should have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.

But he also thought it clear that their relationships were not marriages.

Years ago I was in Africa with my brother. We were setting up a video Bible school and we purchased a large TV to show the video's on.

However the guy using the TV only had a bicycle to haul it around with.

I thought "If only I could send over some Projectors!" That year we started sending video projectors to Africa.

This year I have already purchased over a dozen used projectors that need to be refurbished. That included cleaning and adding a new air filter. My brother just took a load of projectors over to Africa and sent back these pictures of happy pastors. The video is up on YouTube. One of the capacitors might be bad. The idea is to electronically crush the soda can into an hourglass shape. My new fire boots. In addition to being the most expensive footgear that I've ever owned, they're the biggest, even for me. The huge leather steel toes make it feel like I should be doing a rendition of "Puttin' On The Ritz". Labels: being large in a small world, fireman, hobbies, My Life As A Giant. I was working security for a Drunken Barn Dance on Saturday, and an inebriated local businessman sidled up next to me. "'D'd'ja hear wha' happened to our economy yesterday?" he asked me, with fumes of Bud Light stinging my eyes. "You mean the downgrading of our loans by S&P from triple A to double A? Yep. Heard that," I said. "Well, it means. we're screwed," he wheezed. Putting off writingReports, colaboration. Ambo Driver's peeved. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Omg- South florida is having one of the coldest nights in. well. While blog hopping the other day I came across a digi stamp site called Sassy Cheryls She has some really cute images. I just hopped onto her store and have a list of what I will be buying sometime this week. So cute! Here are the Copics that I used:The DP's are from my stash. The CS is from CTMH. The Sentiment is from CTMH. This advert for ice cream has been banned in the UK by the advertising standards authority. Apparently it might offend some catholics. Meanwhile the head of the catholic church, a man who has protected and shielded the worlds biggest paedophile ring, is about to be feted by the high & mighty at the UK taxpayers expense.

To add insult to injury Peter Smith, the catholic archbishop of Southwark, has described those who might express their opposition to this visit as "crackpots and lunatics.

" The words pot, kettle and black spring to mind. Posting the advert is not the only protest I can make. I am going to buy some of this ice cream. The FRONTLINE producer spoke to various runners on why we ran, how long we have been running as well as the benefits we have received as regular runners and marathoners.

Thanks to BTing for capturing the video clip directly during the airing, and putting it online to share with all of us.

Once there was a woman with nothing. Nothing. She was the mother of two boys, but her late husband’s creditor was already on his way to claim them as slaves. Here's a question my lovely bloggy friend Meredith sent me about her son's eating - or lack of it! She asked me to post this letter so that you can give her any suggestions you have for encouraging reluctant eaters. Dear Jean,Six months ago you wrote a post about your precious Andrew’s lack of enjoyment of fruit and vegetables. A while back I posted about the new Tennessee law allowing wine in grocery stores. I've been testing the waters in the wine aisles, and I had tried a few since I last posted on the topic and thought I'd update. I drink maybe half a glass with supper many evenings, so it takes a while to go through each bottle. I have found several more I like. I know nothing about wine or wine reviewing, so really all I can say is, "I like this one. I wouldn't say "no" to more of it," or "Yuck. We tried out Avenue Coffee's patio early this summer and loved it. Avenue Coffee is fairly new, and here's hoping they do well. The pour-over concept seems to be spreading in the local coffee shops. They use ceramic, while we use a plastic cone at home. It's fun to see the different ways of making coffee.

Please join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for their T party.

There's a lot more than tea goin' on over there. Jerry's Sno Cones is a Memphis institution, but it's well off my beaten track and I had never been. The Daughter insisted I remedy this, and we went recently and had pink lemonade sno cones. It wasn't really what I was expecting. I was thinking I'd be having what I used to get at the Sno Cream Castle when I was little.

That treat was crushed ice in a paper cone with flavored syrup on it.

The Kids remember getting these at the zoo when they were little. They looked like this:photo from Sky High Party Rentals What we were served at Jerry's: seemed to me to be more like a slushy. The Younger Son had a long day yesterday and was in the mood to watch something mindless during supper. The Younger Son had seen this before. It's got a simple, linear plot, simple clear-cut characters, and lots of action and gore. You need not have had any previous training to join the choir. You will be taught to read musical notation and be given coaching. Hello folks! Yes, I am back to my naughty acts with the ladies at Northern Spanking. This time it is with NEW GIRL Aleehsa Fox, who is SERIOUSLY hot. just feast your eyes on the piccies I have here for you. Here we can see her being thoroughly enjoyed by the wicked Miss Woods!Yes folks, I am the Northern Spanking resident lesbian! Now where is Stephen Lewis. Hope you enjoyed folks and do go and see the full set at Northern Spanking. Katherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII of England Lifetime: c. Much scholarly work has been done on Henry's reign in recent decades, affording fresh insights into the politics and achievements of the period. Understandably, widespread interest in Henry's marital affairs remains unabated. Yet stereotypes continue to bedevil our knowledge of the wives of this most enigmatic king.

The niece of Thomas Howard, duke of Norfolk, Katherine had served as maid of honour to Queen Anne of Cleves.

Henry was entranced by his wife's attractive attendant and began publicly favouring her in April. Katherine's downfall was as swift as her ascent. "Jesus replied: '"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And the second is like it: "Love your neighbor as yourself. " You are to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. That is the means. In what way should you love your neighbor? The same way you love yourself. "Yourself" is an object already greatly loved by you and therefore is the standard by which you are to love your neighbor.

Having just taken some 'proper' portrait images for the magazine, here's a better sneak preview than my previous effort on the old 'dog and bone'.

!. With the sun promising a wonderful day, we much preferred the option of turning up the Macclesfield Canal, instead of continuing home through Harecastle tunnel. First it was the last lock of the Hill. and then turn right through the archway onto the Macc. It was a day and a setting for just going slowly. The first obstacle was a stop lock at Hall Green. Now this lock struck me as odd in that the bottom end, which you enter in this direction, has only one gate, whereas the top end has a pair. Normally it's the other way round, though it's hardly going to matter on a stop lock, where the difference in water level is minimal. As I brought in the smokeless cobs for the fire yesterday afternoon, I realised we'd pretty well run out – just one more day's worth. There was nothing for it but to turn around and go back a mile and a half to the Heritage Narrowboats marina. It's a great spot, one we'd noted in passing yesterday, and we're glad to have the opportunity of this view through the side-hatch. As it has turned out, retracing our steps to pick up the fuel will benefit us tomorrow, when we do intend to climb the hill, as we're much nearer to the start of the path. We met one or two people at the locks today, including a German man who lived in West Berlin before the wall came down. He was admiring my windlass holster, but it was far more interesting to talk about the days when he and his wife were wondering if, within their lifetimes, they might have the opportunity of walking over the bridge into a different sector. There was hardly any other traffic at all as we meandered towards Middlewich, on yet another fine morning. At the first place we had thought to moor up we couldn't get near the bank because of the "Shroppie shelf" – a concrete ledge just over a foot below the waterline. So we pushed on to the second spot we'd earmarked, overlooking Winford Flash. We were just finishing tying up when who should arrive but Adrian and Dawn in NB Chalico, our next-door neighbours at Great Haywood marina. But, meanwhile, Adrian had his camera out because he'd spied a special visitor on the front of Erin Mae. Nothing much on the river today – so we thought.

Then we came round the corner from the first lock and found this.

Best policy is to keep well clear. After that there really was nothing on the river until we got to Upton around lunch-time, moored up and thought we might stay the night. However, a phone call suggested it could be helpful to get to Evesham by Friday, so we decided to move on.