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Although you can buy pre made dips in the store, I swear the flavor on this recipe is much better.

Not to mention you can take credit for it being homemade. Kinda. Enthusiasts also can select the materials and finishes on the Bob Cat muffler.

The end caps are available in black or chrome with the sleeve portion offered in polished aluminum, black or carbon fiber.

D&D Performance Enterprises is using their new Concentric Flow Baffle System on the Bob Cat pipe. The Four Seasons The Ember days, which fall on a Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of the same week, occur in conjunction with the four natural seasons of the year. Autumn brings the September Embertide, also called the Michaelmas Embertide because of their proximity to the Feast of St. Winter, on the other hand, brings the December Embertide during the third week of Advent, and spring brings the Lenten Embertide after the first Sunday of Lent. Finally, summer heralds the Whitsun Embertide, which takes place within the Octave of Pentecost. Each day has its own proper Mass, all of which are quite old. "Jesus was praying". The Lord went to Church of his day, the synagogue. It was a "guy" thing. Today we have to ask sometimes, "Are fathers disappearing?" Are they in some respects an endangered species? In more and more facets of social life, "a good man is hard to find". Men seem to be fading away from aspects of family life such as attendance at church and participation in Sunday Mass. For some this is not a "guy" thing. Some social change agents are boasting that children are better off without a father and even propose to replace fathers by suggesting that children should just have two mothers. Some of my vintage doll shoes, and none of them match. The Truth About Ancient GreeceIf you happen to be Jewish and press the wrong button on the time machine.

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"The mismatch theory may be mistaken. But suppose it were found to be valid? That wouldn't necessarily lead to the abolition of racial preferences. Another result might be the strengthening of mentorship and other programs to help less-well-prepared students achieve at higher levels. "The quote is from a recent LA Times editorial attacking the refusal of the state bar of California to allow Richard Sander, a UCLA professor, access to data that he wants to use to test his thesis that affirmative action actually hurts minority law students. Sanders' argument, which he has supported with such data as he could get, is that affirmative actions puts minority students into the wrong schools. A student who would have done fine at a second tier school, grouped with other students of his own ability, is accepted by Stanford instead, takes classes aimed at and populated by students abler and/or better prepared than he is, fails to learn, fails the bar exam, and ends up having wasted three years and a good deal of money. It is the same argument that Thomas Sowell made long ago in the context of college admissions, pointing out that black students at MIT were much better at the relevant subjects than the average student, black or white, but much worse than the average MIT student. Perhaps there are better solutions, as the editorial suggests. Bunkering down?Nope. Moving in, more thoroughly. The last of the stored crap is moved in. The storage unit is swept out.


Now I've got to learn how to patch a dry wall ceiling.

With its breathable design it will also allow water to filter through.

It is color fast and won't rot, mildew or mold. Shade Sails can be easily attached with its corner D-Ring. so I added a little washi tape to the top. Other than that I kept my card simple using a little pink cardstock and some enamel dots. Next week you can play along with us using a SKETCH. Pin It. Did you get a chance to partake in the Crazy Tuesday Sale?? If not, be sure to check us out on Tuesday where Stamping Bella will have a couple of stamps available at a crazy big discount! I'm talking awesome deals!!! So who doesn't love books??? I love books so this stamp really talks to me! I love curling up in bed with a book especially before bed! Right now I am reading "Tell the Wolves I'm Home" pretty good book so far, I will update you with it when I am done. Or you can follow me on Goodreads!! For my card I wanted the pillows to be fun, so I paper pieced them with fun patterns. I then cut out the image and popped it up from the circle panel. Ingredients: Stamp - Rebecca Loves To Read Uptown Girl Paper - American Crafts MFT Pierced Circle Die MFT - Button Hemptique - Twine Techniques - Paper Piecing Medium - Copics Join us next week with out Color Inspiration Challenge! Be sure to send Emily your cards!! Pin It. Good morning. Today I am posting on the Markerpop blog. I have a box that I created using one of thosewood boxes that you can pick up from Michaels or JoAnns. I used some Mister Huey Color Misters to color the box. I just sprayed it on and then used a paper towel to rub it in. It was a quick and easy way to give the natural wood colored box some color. Plus it dried super fast. Good morning. Todays challenge at Your Next Stamp is books. I just used that adorable Owl Grad stamp the other day, so I thought I would create a bookmark using this Mini Fiona and Her Pony stamp. I thought the sentiment worked perfectly with it because I'm sure many riders consider their horses their best friends too. The Sentiment is MFT and I picked up that beautiful Forsythia yellow seam binding from the Ribbon Carousel. Hugs, Pin It. Hello! I have so much going on in the next week. So I thought I better get caught up on some DT Work! This image is from Stretch n Bubbles.

You can find "Windy Day" HERE.

Also, Allison is having a fundraiser for a family member. I thtink the papers are from Basic Gray.

The punch is from Martha Stewart.

Sentiment is Stampin' Up. Challenges:Truly Scumptious - SketchA Crafty little Place - Anything goes Copic Creations - Pleats and foldsThanks for looking!. Historytimes. Some of the earliest works are as beautiful, accurate and skilful as those produced in the later period. We of the modern era are privileged to view and appreciate works by those fine artists. Most of the art produced by Egyptians in Ancient times was never meant to be seen by ordinary folk. Sculptures, carvings and paintings were either hidden in temple to which only priests had access or in tombs which were sealed once the occupant was laid to rest. The works of art were for the eyes of the gods and the benefit of the Ka or spirit of the deceased. All Ancient Egyptian art had a serious purpose. Nothing was painted, carved, sculpted or written without a precise and definite reason. Fortunately, the Chicago-based drug manufacturer has a stable of off-patent, legacy drugs that contribute sizable sales to this R&D effort. Got a couple sets of alloy wishbones back from the sand blaster - the difference is quite amazing! These are perfect candidates for a ball bearing rebuild and new bushes before being reinstalled. Jubbly. We all grieve in our own way. This is an excerpt from a Bible talk my husband Steve gave the evening after his father David died. In A. D. The Bible teaches an earth-centered and an earth-focused universe. Theoretical scientists dismiss this notion as, in order to push an atheist agenda this cannot be accepted. However, some of the most brilliant scientists have admitted that the earth appears, from their own observations, to be in a central location in the universe although they simply cannot intellectually accept that. Late Victorian Holocausts, by Mike Davis. Even discounting Davis' obvious anti-free market beliefs, the facts alone stand as a somber statement about the manipulation and exploitation of conquered countries and the massive destruction colonialism caused to the native inhabitants. Worth reading but not a great book. Today's piece is a kind of funny-looking Hermes, doing his best bunny rabbit impersonation. I should have run this one on Easter. Any guesses?. It is a great concept for a website, one I would never dare do myself!!Some hilarious lines came from Danny in this scene before my spanking began which meant I had to work really hard not to look at Clare and laugh. Clare Fonda is so much fun and I always enjoy both hanging out and shooting with her. And oh my God can Danny spank hard and well. I felt truly sorry and all submissive once he was finished with me. More happy times from Vegas!!hope you like the pics. Second week of recovery post-marathon, and starting to rebuild the miles.

I also did a lot of yoga – basically as a way to rebuild my chassis and prepare for a return to normal running volume.

Packing and sorting through possessions is occupying the time that I would normally spend on stuff like blogging, reading, and other fun stuff. This blog will return to normal activity in the future. After I’ve unpacked. Foam rolling at night. So, with a new set of Extreme Etchings windscreens, new buffers and a few more etched bits to fit, the loco is starting to look more than a cheap trainset product.

There's still a few incurable anomalies inherent in the ex-Lima moulding, but I'm not too bothered by them.

It took a while to rub away the layers of acrylic weathering paints that had been applied in the classroom and this has also served to distress the livery a little, which will help with the weathering stage. This is a decidedly 'slow burn' project, with no deadline - it's purely for my own amusement - so progress may be slow. Big Wil TeamTeam Impact. Being on the cut reminds me a bit of walking to the shops in the village where we spend the rest of our time. You greet most of the people you meet, apart from those lost in a world of white ear-buds. You exchange a smile and a joke and, if you need help with something, most are pleased to oblige. On the cut, they tend to offer before you ask. Except for occasional know-it-all. The ones who use the fact that some are still learning, to parade their know-it-all-ness. They stand out because they are the exception, very keen to tell you what you've done wrong or might have done better, with the arrogance of the already perfect. What a difference in style from those who also probably know it all, but whose advice, if offered, is gentle, with nary the slightest sense of criticism! What is embarrassing for the self-analytical is to realise how easily you yourself can fall into the trap, principally with those nearest and dearest. Concern to protect Erin Mae from another scrape as she enters a lock leads to the offering of advice. .