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This time it is a defense of AGW catastrophism.

This is an inconvenient fact for people who want to argue that AGW will reduce food supplies. The article itself is behind a pay wall, but a good deal of its content is revealed in the abstract and various admiring news stories, including this one: A quick google found the following table of minerals for wheat: It includes ten minerals, zinc and iron among them. The fact that the authors of the article could find two whose concentration went down, not by very much, is interpreted as a threat to human nutrition. While the final form itself is still under review, it’s definitely nearing the finish line. , LawLogix Group Inc. I've been doing battle with a trojan virus since. Between us, we figured out that we'd both been lied to. Those church ladies make your neighborhood run, even if you're not of their faith, or of any faith at all. My elder daughter and I are about to go shooting, now that we've got some. She keeps throwing them in the trash, and I keep fishing 'em out. Inman nailed it here:Screen capture used without permission. You know why newspapers and YouTube and other content hosting sites enable contents? Because it increases hits.

She checks back in, and discovers to her dismay that her favorite soporific Irish Ambian Popstar has been maligned, and by someone who loves devil music, no less! This issue MUST be rectified! And she defends Enya.

Labels: life interfering with fun, marriage, public service message. Type in the text that you want to be vocalized, choose the voice you want to use, and have this little toy call your buddy. Oh, worried about the caller ID blowing the prank? Well hey! It can fix that little detail. Fill in the fields, and voila! You're sending the message of your choice, in the voice of your choice, to the phone number of your choice, apparently from the person and number of your choosing. You must use this power only for good. Promise me. This is Jerry's Schwinn Volare. There is a little more to the story but that little more is going to wait a bit so I don't ruin anything. If you follow along with the website you already know my favorite part of all bicycles are their history and their story. Tell what they have seen and where they have been over all their miles. She had quite an adventure on a Schwinn Voalre. This Volare is not her original Volare that she used on the adventure but maybe some of the soul of the original Volare an be transferred over to this Volare. Jerry describes it best in his words: "Before the days of mountain bikes, digital cameras and cell phones Jerry’s wife Lee Hansen went on a “little bicycle trip” from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Alaska with a college friend. Lee made the trip on a Schwinn Volare borrowed from a friend.

The bike was outfitted with special gearing, a rare Dura-Ace Crane GS derailleur and other accessories that Lee retained after the trip.

Just a quick update. The Superior is one of my all time favorite bicycles and this black one is one of my all time favorite restorations.

I wanted to post them for two reasons, first I wanted to show I work on more then just old stuff, I work on everything.

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A profound post.

Encouraging group members to serve and Rest and renewal for leaders - Two great posts for leaders.

Young pastor, obscurity is your friend - Why it's good not to have too much ministry success too soon.

Keep digging where the ground is hard. Keep praying for those doing hard yards in hard places. With God, all things are possible. All our temptations are garden temptations. In other words, the only thing they weren't to do was to rip God's authority away from him, and decide good and evil for themselves. But that's not the way Eve saw it. “Did God really say. If she is totally circumscribed by her little home—with no vision for the world—then I think her domestic scene is probably going to shrivel up on her. But if she sees it in the wider context of the missionary enterprise, I think every detail of her life can take on a global significance. The memory is crystal clear: I was standing in the hallway, cradling him in my arms before I tucked him into bed, and gazing down at his tiny, wrinkled face. When I pray for my children, I give them up to God, to use as he will in his big saving plan. If they go overseas, I know I won't see them or my grandchildren as often. I know they may be in danger. I can only imagine the immensity of the cost for me and them. This is one example of how vastly different things were on the early earth.

Notice what God said to Noah after the Flood.

There are various possibilities. Perhaps God did not create predators until after the Flood or perhaps all creatures, even meat-eaters today, were capable of surviving on vegetable matter, then. I believe in two fundamental doctrines regarding the Bible. The first is that the Bible, in its entirety, was given by inspiration of God. This means that God gave original writers, later translators, copyists, and even the church the wisdom and understanding to put down on paper what God wanted us to have, discarding that which was not given by inspiration. The translators of the Authorized Version had been given that inspiration as the power of that Book in the lives of those who actually submit to it rather than to a celebrity preacher attest. No other Bible has the cross referencing, parallel phrasing, key words, or replacement wording that the KJB has for self definition and understanding. W. H.

This is an excellent work full of information for the student of Bible history but, as with every scholarly work, one must be able to separate facts and evidence from conclusions, which are often the mere opinion of the editor, in this case, or the author.

Illustrated. Full color. Octavo. This current edition has been translated from the original French by Timothy W. I've read and enjoyed the first one, and this did not disappoint. I look forward to picking up the others. from the back of the book:Avery Cates is a very rich man. He's probably the richest criminal in New York City. But right now, Avery Cates is pissed. Because everyone around him has just started to die -in a particularly gruesome way. I'll look for one that behaves itself. Dystopias are bad by definition, and this definitely qualifies. It's hard to think life could end up like this. Although, in many ways, selfishness already rules.

Quiet Earth calls it "nothing short of amazing".

HT: SF Signal.

Here's the blurb:Available to American readers for the first time, this landmark collection gathers four groundbreaking fantasy classics from the acclaimed author of Light. Set in the imagined city of Viriconium, here are the masterworks that revolutionized a genre and enthralled a generation of readers: The Pastel City, A Storm of Wings, In Viriconium, and Viriconium Nights. Just After Sunset is a book of short stories by Stephen King, loaned to me by The Younger Son when he saw me reading horror short stories online. The stories are staying with me. It's odd, but sometimes I find myself more affected afterwards when the story keeps remembering itself to me than I was on first reading. Here's a list of the stories included in this book:Willa The Gingerbread Girl Harvey's Dream Rest Stop Stationary Bike The Things They Left Behind Graduation Afternoon N. The Cat from Hell Mute Ayana A Very Tight PlaceThe Guardian has a review describing the stories as having "Images of entrapment" at their center and closes by warning that "They're trapped in King's monologue, and you're trapped with them. I have many fond memories of the tv show and the music. This is such a loss. " She said, "Oh, not so much then. What happened?" Heart attack. Davy Jones. I'm shocked by it. The Atlantic has an article, which includes this:he remains a singular archetype in rock history, part of a band that would have been first-ballot shoo-ins in any Rock and Roll Hall of Fame devoted to the real history of the genre. but it seems like what we get more of these days is ice. The Daughter took the pictures. Hello folks. Here is some information on a great event, The Boat Party. It is run by the firm and it is fantastic. I have been on it myself and had a great time playing, receiving a number of spankings and canings while going up the Thames river. What could be better?! Here are the details:The Boat is unique. joannalark.

You can get Six of the Best going under Tower Bridge.

It is that good. And it is just once a year. Recovering and ramping back up. But, at the same time, I’m now dealing with some slight PF and also some tendonitis in both feet, near the arch and big toe, as well as on the outside of the foot. This is normal, BTW – a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation that I always seem to face. However, I'm wondering about marrying my chassis to a Dapol body that will be super-detailed to match the finesse of the underframe - should be a fun project. FIELD Creates a multiline text object with a field that can be updated automatically as the field value changes. TABLEDIT Edits text in a table cell. TABLEEXPORT Exports data from a table object in CSV file format. TABLESTYLE Creates, modifies, or specifies table styles. TABLE Creates an empty table object. TINSERT Inserts a block in a table cell. UPDATEFIELD Manually updates fields in selected objects in the drawing. System Variables CTABLESTYLE Sets the name of the current table style. FIELDDISPLAY Controls whether fields are displayed with a gray background. TABLEINDICATOR Controls the display of row numbers and column letters when the In-Place Text Editor is open for editing a table cell. TABLETOOLBAR Controls the display of the Table toolbar. April is meant to be like this, and most parts of England need the rain. But it must be one of the wettest droughts we've had for a long time. Not to mention the hardest hail stones. So we do the next best thing to cruising – we plan.

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