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It may be an annual event for most, but making resolutions for the new year is something that has never interested me. This blog began many moons ago as a creative outlet that I maintained for fun. While this still holds true, I would also like to utilize this web real estate as a place to leave part of my legacy for my family. For the next twelve months, I would like to share content a minimum of twice a week. I have scheduled three posts per week for the month of January, which should balance out my once a week posts in February. Doing so will potentially make the forks bind on the fork rod and inhibit free movement of the forks on the fork rod. This will lead to poor shift quality, difficulty finding neutral, and premature fork wear. An over tightened left side set screw will make a pronounced witness mark on the left end of the fork rod and let us know that the forks were not moving freely. To remedy the situation we remove the fork rod and replace it. Then the set screw is reinstalled with blue Loctite to the desired end play of. Monday turned into a busy day at work. I am working on several projects that are high profile with the upper level engineering folks. MICE stands for Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment. Mice or from the Cern courier MICE.

This is a big collaboration project between several labs from all over the world.

The tiny part I play in the machine is with the coupling coils. We have a fancy name for it which is a cryostat. Superconductor That's Jim in the picture posing for scale and preparing the quench protection loops and their landing pads. For reasons I have discussed in earlier posts, I am skeptical of the claim that global warming on the scale suggested by the IPCC projections is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. In this post, I want to look at the other side of the problem. If one accepts the conventional view that it is a serious enough problem to justify the cost of the sharp reduction in the use of fossil fuels needed to substantially reduce it, can it be done? The reason I suspect it cannot is that preventing global warming faces a public good problem at several levels. Consider first the individual level. One might argue that if global warming is going to make me worse off, that is a reason for me to reduce my use of fossil fuels in order to prevent it. The problem is that although it is a reason, it is a very weak reason, because I would be bearing all of the cost—driving less, or being colder in winter and hotter in summer, or paying more to get my electricity from solar power instead of from natural gas—while receiving only a tiny fraction of the benefit. As with other public goods, one would expect it to be underproduced and, since this is a public good for an enormous public, drastically so. One popular solution to a public good problem is to have the good produced by government. From the standpoint of an economist, the logic of global warming is straightforward. I am fairly sure, however, that many of those who are sure we should be doing something about it do not see the question that way. What I see as costs, they see as benefits. It is an attitude that I associate with an old song about little houses made of ticky-tacky—meaning houses the singer didn't like and was therefore confident that other people shouldn't be living in, occupied by people whose life style she thought she knew and was confident she disapproved of. A very arrogant, and very human, attitude. There are least three obvious candidates for reducing global warming that do not require a reduction in energy use. "And the religious right has been the chief force against teaching evolution. People who say they are against teaching the theory of evolution are very likely to be Christian fundamentalists. But people who are against taking seriously the implications of evolution, strongly enough to want to attack those who disagree, including those who teach those implications, are quite likely to be on the left. Consider the most striking case, the question of whether there are differences between men and women with regard to the distribution of intellectual abilities or behavioral patterns. That no such differences exist, or if that if they exist they are insignificant, is a matter of faith for many on the left. I have been working on writing a book called "Why Believe in Creation?". I was looking for some more science experiments to prove the existence of the canopy theory and some one wrote me and told me to use a balloon! I was shocked at how well the experiment went. Here is a picture of what happens. Basically you turn on the water at a sink so it runs slowly but continuous. Then you take a balloon and rub it in your hair until it is very charged with electricity. But I've carried this beat-up old airweight to classes, meetings, training sessions, administrative duties, etc, on duty, for years.

I've carried that gun both as a backup and as an off-duty gun for years.

I've qualified with it for two different departments, many times.

Just this Tuesday, I wore it openly with badge-on-belt, with slacks and polo shirt, to an SFST update class all day, before dropping it into my pocket without a holster and with the badge put away that night, for my graduate classes at university.

I've been dealing with kids sneaking out a lot, lately. The simple act of sneaking out doesn't bother me very much. I did it all the time, as a teen. I never smoked dope or such, and usually wasn't very successful in amorous attempts. I'm finding that very young teenaged girls will go to amazing lengths to sneak out. They will meet up on cell phones. Good morning! How about a little Monday inspiration from SugarPea designs? I had a lot of fun dabbing some ink onto the paper to create this cool background for my coffee! I also cut the thanks a latte from the SugarPuff Foam for some added dimension. I cut out to latte's and used the A from it to get my saying. Stamps: Caffeine Addict SugarCut Dies: Thanks, Coffee To Go SugarPuff Foam. Morning! This week is the last week of school for my kiddos. no work. nothing to do. Alas, I will be lucky to have a week off this summer.

This marked the second bankruptcy for Donald Trump's casino empire.

The first is about this individual, who was erased from the medical register. I think the erasure was right and proper, his conduct inexcusable. But.

If there were an award for the thickest journalist of the year then I would have to nominate Andy Bloxham for this article in the Telegraph.

The uncritical and ignorant credulousness which he displays in this article is outstanding in the field of stupidity. And the buffoon gets paid good money to write this crap. Looking at the inheritance in isolation I was not aware that accepting money left in patients' wills was an offense. I can't see it ever happening to me but I am sure I am not the only person who would be tempted to cash the cheque. This picture shows two scorpions engaged in lovemaking. Love is perhaps not the most appropriate word as they still have the natural scorpion urge to kill and eat each other. The first step in the process is that each grabs the others pincers, neutralising the threat. These are by far the most dangerous weapons as scorpions are immune to their own venom. It must be horrific having a sexual partner who at any moment might, without warning, suddenly and viciously tear you to shreds. It must be a lot like having it off with a midwife. It had been a while since we found time for a FatBird Weekender, and which better day than to do it on a relaxing Sunday morning outside of the training season. Although this was the first post Sundown get-together run we had, the group was rather small as many FatBirds were involved in other races and events in another typical busy running weekend in Singapore. There were a couple of new runners who have joined us for the first time, and they along with the experienced runners enjoyed the scenic run in cool weather, working at their own paces. The highlight of the morning had to be the well-deserved 'sinful-looking' brunch of laksa, mee-siam, nasi lemak and local food delights which many were looking forward to, after that challenging workout caused many a 'growling' tummy. And as we chat and laugh over the post-brunch coffee and hot drinks, we wore a satisfied look in our faces, already thinking of when and what we will do in the next FatBird Weekender. We love to go a-runningAlong the forest trailsAnd as we runWe love to shareOur happiness of running. All does not yet gleam in glory but all is being purified. - Martin Luther God. will almost always give us more than we can handle on our own. Our school holidays are about to finish here in Melbourne. We've had a great time, with outings to the Show and the park, visits to Grandma's and friends' houses, and lots of days playing at home. You'll have to imagine all these sounds laid over each other concurrently. I think the Beetles called it the "wall of noise". If it's classical music you're into, think of it as counterpoint. m.

This was great fun -a sort of loose re-make of Pale Rider or High Plains Drifter.

trailer:HorrorNews. HorrorFreakNews says, "the film works on a number of levels. Above and beyond all else, it’s fun. ". We had never seen this, and The Younger Son gave it to The Husband for Father's Day. It was a funny movie with a happy ending, which is The Husband's favorite kind of movie.

It won some awards.

The Wisdom of Ants is a Ditmar Award-winning science fiction short story by Thoraiya Dyer. Her web site describes it as "sharks, creepy crawlies and betrayal". You can read it online here. No wonder it's an award-winner! An enjoyable story for me. Locus Magazine has a review that says, "A strong sense of ecology informs this piece, the interdependence of humans and their natural environment, and the perils of attempting to alter or ignore it. " SF Revu says, "A well-realized world makes this a good story. ". Time marches on, indeed. Here's one poetic reflection on that inevitability:As I Walked Out One Eveningby W. H. AudenAs I walked out one evening, Walking down Bristol Street, The crowds upon the pavement Were fields of harvest wheat. And down by the brimming river I heard a lover sing Under an arch of the railway: 'Love has no ending. 'I'll love you, dear, I'll love you Till China and Africa meet, And the river jumps over the mountain And the salmon sing in the street, 'I'll love you till the ocean Is folded and hung up to dry And the seven stars go squawking Like geese about the sky. Advent Carols from St. John's is a CD of music from The Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge.

from the booklet included with the CD:This recording presents a reconstruction of the service for Advent with Carols and within the space available preserves as many aspects as possible of the service as it might be heard on Advent Sunday from St.


Yes, folks there is a new book in town featuring our kinky practises. Having said that, it is aimed primarily atbeginners and those who might want to expand their knowledge of differentareas, but I expect all but most experienced will find a few snippets toprick their interest. “You shall not murder. ” The very next chapter says, “Anyone who strikes a man and kills him shall surely be put to death. No, the word is “murder. If you check the many occurrences of the word “grace” in the Bible you will find expressions like these:Now Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people. Now do the same with the word “faith. I am not saying that faith is not a gift from God. I am saying that the Bible says that faith is something that man can have and that it is placed in God. One minute you are literally in Sydney and the next you are in England! Well this is something that I have experienced in the last few days. On last Tuesday I received an urgent phone call that required me to travel to the Mother Country as soon as possible. New Year's Eve on the Dean Forest Railway. This time though, we got full rover tickets and pootled up the incline to Parkend, back through to Lydney and then returning to Norchard in time for afternoon tea. The forest is always beautiful, but I do like it in winter, when the deciduous trees are bare and the landscape opens up before the eyes. Here are a few pics of the 'Austerity' loco that hauled our train, plus a selection of attractive diesels in Norchard yard. This is a great little railway, running through an attractive landscape and the museum and new cafe at Norchard are well worth a visit. I'll be making sure it's not so long until I ride the rails again. You pile everything in the car and clean one abode from top to bottom, with a good toxic spray to keep the carpet moths at bay. Then it's a sizeable journey before unpacking the car again and cleaning the floating abode from front to back. We bought a ready-to-cook lasagne from M&S on the way, but by the time we were half-settled in we were in no mood even for that simplest of tasks, and drove to the Ash Tree on the outskirts of Rugeley. We weren't in the mood for experimenting, so had the same as last time – lamb shoulder for my best beloved and a chicken, blue cheese and wild mushroom pappardelle for me. We'd got the Squirrel going shortly before deciding to go out, so kept our eyes open for flames on the horizon as we returned, but just found a nice toasty boat. Today we joined our occasional friends at Stafford's Wildwood church, and found that most of the people who were meant to be leading the service had gone down with the flu. The result was something very different, impromptu and spontaneous. That's something they're quite good at – we've enjoyed our periodic contacts with this group of nice people. Back on board, I had to ring AutoGlass. Over the last couple of days the car has acquired a large / long crack in the windscreen. They can't do it until the middle of next week, just when we're planning to be away with Erin Mae getting one of her windows fixed. You can never quite tell what you're going to get between the water and the towpath. Just above Wychnor lock we finally found a suitable place where the canal is edged with the sort of piling you fit a mooring hook behind. I imagine it was originally above the water-line, forming a proper edge to the canal, and that its position now is due to subsidence. Thought it would be a straightforward matter, blogging about the Norwegians being here. Thing is – when do you do it? No time during the day – there's far too much going on. The UKBA passport official decided I was sufficiently like them to be their grandfather. The car, parked at Manchester airport over the weekend, started fine and the journey to Great Haywood was smoothed by a cunning battery-operated DVD player. .