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I made the mini crowns last year.

The glittered stars and heart are by the magical Madai. We miss you!. Shelley Noble is such an amazing artist, a real angel. Thank you so much Shelley, I just love it all to pieces. I love that the necklace lays just where I want it to, how did you know. You made my day dear friend. She also tells how she makes them at am going to grow these seeds in the spring, and I am sure there will be more surprises pop up!How Perfect!Shelley is the creator of Halfland, a wonderful world, a stop motion animation film in the process. The talk struck me as an attempt to make sense of the position without understanding it. Roderick starts his argument by imagining a theory of Harry Potter movies according to which some invisible force builds up over time to produce a Harry Potter movie every year.

That theory predicts that each year there will be a new movie.

For some years the prediction is correct, but eventually it fails. Someone with a more realistic theory would have produced a more correct prediction—that the series of movies would end, probably at the point when it had covered all of the books. The first theory successfully predicts a reasonably likely event, a successful movie having a sequel, several times. That is evidence that it is a good theory, but not very much evidence. Some years back, I came across the phrase "Punctuality is the courtesy of princes. " I do not know where it originated—perhaps some reader can tell me—but it struck me as embodying an important truth. Suppose you are the big cheese—king, CEO, guest of honor. Part of the justification for the phrase is the observation that lack of punctuality by the prince imposes a cost on everyone else. The other part is the observation that doing things for people only really counts if it costs you something. If the King knights someone, that's great for the recipient, but it does not actually cost the King anything. But being careful always to show up on time when your presence is necessary for other people does cost something, since quite often you have other things you would like to be doing, so it is a way of showing that the welfare of other people, in particular the people you are in some sense in authority over, matters to you. I have been into making pies for several years now. Making pies came from one of my spiritual dads, Chester Gretz. When I went to make this pie my wonderful wife suggested that I make it red white and blue for memorial day, so I did. . DAMN, but I love the protection that the mobile video camera on my patrol car provides me with. Labels: day at the office, gadgets, police, yay us, You Do That In Public?.

It's all you.

Labels: Blogger, momentous occasions, things you find on Site Meter, yay us. Big test tomorrow in Legal Issues Of Crimininal Justice, and court, and, starting today, a three day "Tactical Driving Course. ""You seem to be the one catching all the pursuits," says my lieutenant. Meanwhile I have to wrap up a burglary case that just broke. Busy, busy, busy. Flag is made from polyester and printed in bright colors to make an attractive flag. Each flag is individually sewn around the edges. So be sure to participate. scrapbitzcopics. ning. Yes, I think that I am. Lately that's all that I do. Not only am I amazed, but I have learned SO much from their blogs! Thank you blog land for showing me the light! hahaMaybe later if you all are nice I will post some of the cool things that I have learned, made and created over the last few weeks. No, I can't take credit for the idea. but I did put my own spin onto things! So I should get credit for that!. Matrix Asset Advisors Inc. American Power is benefiting from the increasing digitalization of the economy and the subsequent need for uninterruptible power supplies. Over on Pharyngula, American blogger P Z Myers is getting justifiably annoyed that some US states seem determined to promote religious education in public schools. In the US this is prohibited by law but proponents are getting round it by having it included, bizarrely, in the science curriculum. The intention is clear and dishonest, to expose american kids to religious doctrine, masquerading as science. I don’t think that american secularists have too much to worry about. US citizens already have a high proportion of faithful, and fundamentalist christians, and these would be unaffected by the change. Similarly atheist youngsters are unlikely to be swayed.

That leaves those sitting on the fence.

As an illustration just look at the UK. In stark contrast to the US, British state schools are legally obliged to make all pupils engage in a daily act of collective christian worship. To know that evil is mortal, that it dies with this earth, and will fade like a smudge into brief memory of fallen times – if remembered at all, one must first feel fast-bound in strangler-roots, which takes time, and strength of all kinds, revelation, harm, and the death of hopes. And fall down swallow-holes of terror, and fear, and sadness, bored out for all who look unblinking into such things.

And run weeping to Jesus, then flee, then back, then flee and back again, until knowing no other place to flee.

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It looks like a rabbit family have made a home in the coal shed of the station, looking a bit dusty as they came and went.

Apart from them happily hopping around, the sound of the birds and sheep - and the odd train - was all there was. Bliss! The spring flowers were out in force at Dent over the weekend. Being in the south for the weekend, we drove over to Furzey Gardens, in Minstead in the New Forest. I'd left my camera behind, so experimented with using my best beloved's phone to capture the azaleas. It was odd when I came to work with the photos to have to deal with a different aspect ratio from what I'm used to. It was the first time we'd seen examples of Primula beesiana, a type of candelabra primrose. The gardens are beautiful – a real haven of peace in the New Forest. They are closely linked with the Minstead Training Trust, a charity which works especially with people with learning difficulties. Many vulnerable adults are involved in the activities of the gardens, and the whole project is a model of its kind. Finally resuming our journey to Kinver this morning, we found we were virtually the only boat on the move. Just this lone encounter with a quartet of hirers as we neared our destination. It was also, fortunately, much quieter on my own personal Western Front, even though last night was not entirely tranquil. We decided my body jolly well ought to cope with the rigours of a few hours' boating. The Met Office couldn't seem to make up its mind whether we were going to face fierce, thundery downpours or merely a bit of cloud. Whatever, we weren't going to drown and, anyway, it's my best beloved's birthday! So we had to do something. This part of the Staffs and Worcs is delightful. We've been on a section where the canal is also the River Stour, so at every lock there is a means of taking the general flow of the water down the necessary drop. The conduits are mostly round or octagonal, though we found one designed slightly differently. Along this stretch is Stewponey. Being on the cut reminds me a bit of walking to the shops in the village where we spend the rest of our time. You greet most of the people you meet, apart from those lost in a world of white ear-buds. You exchange a smile and a joke and, if you need help with something, most are pleased to oblige. On the cut, they tend to offer before you ask.

Except for occasional know-it-all.

The ones who use the fact that some are still learning, to parade their know-it-all-ness. They stand out because they are the exception, very keen to tell you what you've done wrong or might have done better, with the arrogance of the already perfect.

What a difference in style from those who also probably know it all, but whose advice, if offered, is gentle, with nary the slightest sense of criticism! What is embarrassing for the self-analytical is to realise how easily you yourself can fall into the trap, principally with those nearest and dearest.

Concern to protect Erin Mae from another scrape as she enters a lock leads to the offering of advice. Unfortunately the advice gets offered at extremely high volume, to be heard above the engine. Any advice offered at high volume tends to sound distinctly critical. .