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The tired cheap fallback systems of slotted plates and shafts with set screws lack the design elegance that mechanical designers would strive for. Time and cost considerations sometimes make these less than perfect adjusters the default choice when the time runs out and an idea is needed. Stacking multiple expensive precision linear slides orthogonally is a brute force approach to solving the multi axis precision adjustment problem. I have seen this approach used more than a few times and it always looks a bit like a gift wrapped rhinoceros. What this article is about is a simple system that provides kinematic support and adjustment in all six axes of movement. To refresh your memory on all the possible movements , there are three translational movements that most machinists are familiar with, X, Y, and Z. and three angular which airplane pilots are familiar with are pitch, yaw and roll. or what parable can we use for it?It is like a mustard seed that, when it is sown in the ground,is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth. The Church is the seed and beginning of this kingdom. Its keys are entrusted to Peter. That became particularly clear in climate arguments, where most people on both sides were more interested in cheering for their team and badmouthing the opposition than in understanding the arguments, science and evidence.

One illustration was an error that I discussed in an earlier post.

It looks as though I'm going to be visiting Spain sometime early next year.

It occurred to me that a blog post might be one way of seeing if anyone was interested. Some of my talks can be found online.

This seems to be true not only in the U.

S. but in Europe as well, although that conclusion is based on less data—one fancy hotel in Helsinki, one each less fancy in London and Paris. The neighbors across the way have a cute little brown puppeh. Really cute. No, even I can't handle the cute. They work all the time, and are almost never home. The puppy runs loose. And since she runs across the street to play with my family and the other neighbors, it's like having a puppy dog on time-share. Liberty University Flag by College Flags and Banners Co. This lovely pair of Skelamingos are great for Over The Hill Partys, Halloween Decorations And make a great Gag Gifts. With this months release there was plenty of winter goodness to play with! Today I used the Frosty Friends set but I only used the snowman from it. With the growing popularity of the accepted term 'baybayin' to our pre-Hispanic script, still the majority of our fellowmen are educated to the misnomer 'alibata'. According to UP Diksiyunaryo Filipino, the definition of alibata and baybayin is stated below:From these definitions, it is clear that alibata is different from baybayin , where alibata is actually the Arabic alphabet under the abjad family so it's not applicable to refer to our own script where our writing system is believed to be under the Brahmic family of scripts which shares with Devanagari. Baybayin. Reporting by contributor Debra Fiakas, who does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. A little belatedly then, here is one of my favorites from "Jesus & Mo".

Are religious people stupider than the rest of us? Well the question has occurred to others too and someone has actually done a study on it.

And the results do actually show that there is a correlation between lower intelligence and religiosity, and the fundamentalists have an even lower intelligence than the moderately religious. Now who would have thought? Now I know that correlation does not necessarily equate to causation. Apart from anything else which would be cause and which effect? Is it that naturally thick bastards, having poor reasoning power, are more likely to believe illogical nonsense, or is it that cultivating unreasonable notions rots your brain and makes you thick?. This very reasonably-priced magazine for runners has lots of great running content. looking not just at runners' gear and apparel, but also zoning in on good running tips, programs and plans from an expert panel of running stalwarts and practitioners, knowledgeable scientists and researchers. There are lots of good articles on where to run both locally and internationally, covering many major running cities and scenic locations in Australia, Japan, USA, Europe, Asia, and more. It certainly has its own special style as a magazine by runners, with runners, for runners. Much that encouraged me and made me think. Gold. How do you love the way Jesus loves? - The very question I've been asking about the year ahead. I'm adding this to my reading list. A book by Phil Ryken reviewed by Justin Taylor. On sorrow, discouragement and failure. We’ve been told before not to envy wicked people. Here, we are told not to worry and fret ourselves because of them. The prophets often would question God as to why the evil were allowed to prosper so long. You can be sure, in our day, that He will eventually settle accounts with crooked, cynical politicians, merchants of war, and the occasional Wall Street investment banker, as well. God settled accounts with Germany for over a century of what is called “Higher Criticism” of the Bible which was thinly disguised contempt and unbelief. He settled accounts with the British Empire for trashing His Bible, for starving tens of millions of people in India to death while the grain stocks of England were filled, and for turning its back on the Jews after promising them a homeland.

It is said that World War One prepared the land for the Jew and World War Two prepared the Jew for the land.

Man does the work, thinking he is running things, but God brings His plans about often through men. Even Abraham Lincoln admitted the Civil War was a judgment on the entire nation for the sin of slavery. I have faced discrimination because I'm #LGBT #trans but lies/whitewash has been response - please sign my petition. White Cotton Panties: by the Jumpin' Chi Chis. It's a quick and easy read. There's a lot of repetition of phrases and images and descriptions. This plot is all over the place, involving human trafficking, murder, elder abuse, financial fraud, pedophilia, gangs, petty sexual jealousy when the strong male protagonist is pursued by two different women, conflicts between local police and the military, exercise routines among the fit, kidnapping, law-breaking by the law officers, rape, and a dog in need of kindness. Poor doggie. I'm sure I left out some things, but it was hard to keep up. Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. Earlier posts in the series can be found here. Kind of obsessed with the photos by Eberhardt Smith in this article on wood artisan Joshua Vogel. It's a Spanish-Mexican work filmed in Spain. A ghost story featuring children and an orphanage in war time, there's plenty of tragic drama here. I was in tears by the end, but The Younger Son sees it as a hopeful movie. "What is a ghost? A tragedy doomed to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber. "It's on youtube, but really you should own this one for re-watching:Moria calls it "good but never fully satisfying". I remember the first time I saw The Innocents. It was a dark and story night, and I had been sick and was sitting up in my bed late at night. At a particularly tense moment in the film there was a huge flash of lightening and an almost immediate clap of thunder, and our electricity went out. It was years later before I saw the movie all the way through, and it's always felt creepier to me than other people seem to find it. It's based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. The book can be read online here. Youtube has it online in segments, which should autoplay from here:Moria describes it as "one of the most cerebral and subtle of ghost stories," and says it "remains without any question the best adaptation of the tale. what?France?This article by T.


Reid likens our current system to health care systems around the world:In many ways, foreign health-care models are not really "foreign" to America, because our crazy-quilt health-care system uses elements of all of them. For Native Americans or veterans, we're Britain: The government provides health care, funding it through general taxes, and patients get no bills. For people who get insurance through their jobs, we're Germany: Premiums are split between workers and employers, and private insurance plans pay private doctors and hospitals. Audio recording of Fr.

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m. m. “Several days later Felix came with his wife Drusilla, who was a Jewess. He sent for Paul and listened to him as he spoke about faith in Christ Jesus. When I find it convenient, I will send for you. Some of you have not been able to grasp loving all of the people in whole nations, or races or religions. If not, let’s start at the other end. Instead of loving the whole, let’s start with an individual. This individual must be someone who is not a relative. He may be a brother in the Lord, a neighbor or an enemy. Jesus had something to say about each. Even if we never state it we should recognize at least to ourselves that this man is not a Christian. He did not understand the things of the Spirit of God. Why not? He did not have the Spirit of God. I feel the need to generate blog content. Is it really a "cool-down" when it's hot outside? On Saturday, my friend referred to our post-race jog as a "warm-down" - much more appropriate, IMHO. People regularly often state that their Garmins read long at the end of the race because they "didn't run the tangents. As you can see, the Garmin believes that I ran through three buildings during my race. Even Usain Bolt. The classes went very well and, as ever, were a pleasure to teach and it was nice to see some familiar faces returning from previous courses. It was also nice to spend a little time walking along the coast in the sunshine. There's nothing quite like being beside the sea. Just recently, I can't think of the sea without the soundtrack of 'From the sea to the land beyond' running through my head. I've always found ships and the sea equally romantic and terrifying and the film captures this perfectly, as well as looking at British life over the past century - always with the sea as a backdrop. .